Marine Milad is a Ph.D. holder and Assistant Professor of English Language and Applied Linguistics at Arab Open University (AOU), Kuwait. Her Ph.D. major is “Developing Reading and Writing Research Skills in a Blended Learning Environment through Critical thinking and problem solving” and her M.A. major is “Technical Writing for Business Communication”. Moreover, she attained an Online Master Course in “TEFL/TESL Assessment Techniques” from Indiana University, Bloomington, U.S.A. Currently, she is the general course coordinator for the reading comprehension course and the academic writing and composition course across AOU eight branches. She is responsible for developing course calendar, course guide, and supplementary material for both courses in addition to preparing continuous assessment tools, midterm and final exams based on the intended learning outcomes in coordination with the deanship. Her present research interests are in Constructive Learning by Doing, Blended Learning, Multiple Intelligence, learning Styles, Brain Colors and Changing Minds, Assessment for Learning, Technology in Learning, Research Skills, Critical thinking, Problem Solving and Coaching.